Quality you can count on
A brand you can trust
Quality you can count on
A brand you can trust
Palmetto Processing Solutions

Palmetto Processing Solutions is owned and operated by Lori Anne and Chalmers Carr.  In 2016 Palmetto Processing Solutions was formed and began processing our peaches in frozen slices, dices and puree in a greenfield facility alongside our new fresh packhouse. A completely vertically integrated operation, we at Palmetto Processing Solutions put traceability at our forefront.

Vertically Integrated
We grow, harvest, process, sell, pack and ship our products all from one place. We are proud of our operations and what we have to offer.
Women-owned Business
Owner and President Lori Anne Carr leads the team in day-to-day business from production to distribution.

Established in 2016, Palmetto Processing Solutions is a fruit processing company that provides best-in-class production in the frozen space. The same quality products are at the core of Palmetto Processing Solutions.

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“Due to the Covid 19 issue, the Florence County school has been providing meals to kids outside of the school. The best thing has been the Tickled Berries Mixed Berries. Very simply - THEY ARE AMAZING!! Where can I get a case of this stuff? We are all hooked! Thanks, stay safe and keep up the great work!”
- Michelle L.
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